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WSPC logo and a north-facing birds-eye view of the park the arch

In these trying times, it’s more important than ever to find things that bring us joy. While we haven’t been able to experience the season as previously planned, Washington Square Park has been an invaluable refuge for our community. If you haven’t been able to get there in person, we hope that this Newsletter can give you a glimpse into the Park and help alleviate some of the strain that the events of the last few months has put on all our lives.

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The admin and Park staff are at work to keep things running as smoothly as possible. We’re bringing you virtual programming, collecting updates from the community, distributing Community Arts grants regardless of their ability to be in the Park this season, and orienting our 2020 Volunteers so they’re ready to get working as soon as we’re given clearance.

Protests for racial justice have put WSP front and center of all our news feeds. The Park has always been a gathering point for New Yorkers to raise their voices and be heard on a national stage, and we are honored the Park has continued to serve that function. While it is upsetting to see the defacing of our Park’s monuments, this public commentary pales in comparison to the reason for the unrest. Graffiti and paint can be removed, stolen lives cannot be restored. As the WSP team works closely with NYC Parks to address graffiti on the Arch, statues, and fountain, we will not lose sight of the message behind these protests. The Conservancy is proud to stand with those calling for justice and equality.

In short, life at the Park marches on, as it always has.

We hope you enjoy this very special edition of our (virtual) newsletter. As you read about life at the Park, remember that your contribution is essential in keeping the team at work now and once life begins to return to normal. Please DONATE today to support your Park.

With warm thanks,

Betsey Ely & Veronica Bulgari