Dance the Night Away

May 15 2024

As the sun dips below the skyline and vibrant hues of a Wednesday evening twilight paint the sky, Washington Square Park begins to thrum – it’s time for another Salsa Social night in Garibaldi Plaza! 

a woman twirls in a crowd of salsa dancing people

Led by our incredible partners at Salsa Dura NY, Salsa Social is back for another summer of dancing, laughter, and connection that you won’t want to miss. Arriving at Washington Square Park on a Salsa Social night, you’ll be greeted by a plaza transformed into an open-air dance hall. As the DJ starts spinning the hottest salsa tracks, watch as the pavement comes alive with movement. We dare you to stop your feet from tapping as you pass by!

Each session kicks off with a free dance lesson from 6-6:30pm where you’ll learn all the basic steps you’ll need to join in. These free lessons give newcomers a chance to pick up the basics and for more experienced dancers to refine their skills with help from some salsa pros. The instructors from Salsa Dura NY are passionate and patient, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident, ready to join in the fun on the dance floor when the beat really starts pumping. As the lesson transitions into open dancing, the plaza fills with dancers of all abilities twirling and spinning, their movements mimicking the cacophony of the park and city around them until we call it quits at 9pm.

couples salsa dance

Salsa Social is more than just a dance party (although it is very much that)—it’s a celebration of community. Each year, this lively gathering attracts a diverse crowd, from true beginners taking their first steps to seasoned dancers who have mastered the intricacies of the art. Salsa Dura’s instructors foster a welcoming atmosphere where everyone, regardless of dance experience, can enjoy the thrill of spinning around one of the city’s most iconic parks. Their team of professional dancers and instructors bring not only their technical expertise but also their infectious enthusiasm and love for salsa–they’ll have you moving in no time!

Whether you’re dancing under the stars or watching from the sidelines, the sense of belonging and togetherness is unmistakable. We hope we’ll see you in the dance plaza on an upcoming Wednesday evening!

For more information about Salsa Social and other events at Washington Square Park, view our full event page.