What We’re Thankful For

November 21 2023

With the Thanksgiving season upon us, we’re reflecting on what we’re grateful for this season, like new leadership at the Conservancy! We’re proud to welcome our newly appointed Board President, Kyung Choi Bordes, and Board Chairman Quinton Farrar, who sat down to share what they’re thankful for at Washington Square Park along with WSPC Executive Director, Will Morrison. 

someone walks their dog under trees with colorful fall foliage

Kyung – There are so many aspects of Washington Square Park to be thankful for, but the short answer is I’m thankful it’s there! Washington Square Park makes me feel like I’m home. After I’ve been away and I see the arch anchoring Fifth avenue, I’m filled with feelings of welcoming, comfort, and reassurance.  When I’m in the park I’m thankful for its sanctuary, something admittedly I didn’t fully appreciate until the pandemic. WSP was here for us when other places weren’t and it was, is, and will always be “my son’s park”—a preserve for him and his friends.  I’m also thankful for its daily picture of diversity, filled every day with people who don’t look like me but share in joy, scenic beauty, and a common love for the park. Finally, I’m thankful for all the hard work of our incredible staff, gardeners, maintenance crew, security personnel, volunteers, and of course, the leadership over the last 12 years. In my new leadership position I intend to make sure that my son (and yours!), his friends (and yours!), and everyone else can enjoy a park that is as beautiful as its designers intended, as clean as it can be, and as safe as our resources will allow. 

Quinton – As the father of a young daughter with another baby on the way, I’m thankful to have such a joyful place for families with small children so nearby. My daughter is in school up the street and it’s one of our regular pleasures to pop into the playground on our way home. We’re always especially grateful when Miss Debbie or one of WSPC’s program partners is hosting an activity to try out. As the Conservancy enters its second decade of working on behalf of the Park I am excited to continue supporting this vital green space. As we see more budget cuts coming, the resources WSPC brings to bear for the Park will be even more essential. I hope that others are as thankful as I am that the Conservancy exists to play this vital role and join us in our mission to maintain Washington Square Park as the crown jewel of lower Manhattan.

Will – I am immensely thankful for the working environment I have the unique privilege to enjoy. Spending my time in Washington Square Park where every day is vibrant, fast-paced, and full of  new challenges keeps life interesting. When I look around the Park, my mind always turns to the hardworking staff that are on the ground every day working to keep things clean, safe and beautiful. This year the Conservancy is proud to fully fund all of the 14 full-time and seasonal NYC Parks employees assigned solely to WSP, and I’m grateful for each of them! I am equally thankful for the new Conservancy team I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my new role leading WSPC. The behind the scenes work both at the board and staff levels to bring additional, needed resources to the park is nothing short of monumental and I am grateful each day that this park has such a dedicated community coming together to add additional vitality to our cherished communal greenspace, Washington Square Park!

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