Seen, Heard, Imagined: 100 Days of Pandemic Musings in the Republic of Washington Square

January 31 2022
People enjoying a beautiful sunny day on one of the lawns, captured by Lou during one of his sojourns to
Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park has some incredible volunteers. When they aren’t giving back to the Park, they spend their time doing other meaningful work. In the case of Photography Volunteer Lou Giansante, that work resulted in a book: Seen, Heard, Imagined: 100 Days of Pandemic Musings in the Republic of Washington Square. It’s a beautiful look at the Park through one New Yorker’s eyes, and we’re so proud to call him part of our Parkie team.

A pandemic inspired escape turns into 100 informative, historical, fanciful, and inspiring glimpses into the Free and Independent Republic of Washington Square in Greenwich Village. If you’re a tourist, there’s a new world to know. If you’re a New Yorker, you’ll find a some surprises just for you.

Thousands of people pass through Washington Square Park every day. Fact: it’s only 9.75 acres, and it is the most densely populated park – per square foot — in New York City. What goes on in the daily life of the park? Tourists don’t stay long enough to find out, once they shoot their selfies with the Fountain and the Arch. Even most New Yorkers don’t stay long enough to get a full picture.

So, Giansante decides to sit quietly. Watch what happens. Listen intently. Ask questions. Poke a bit into the history of the park and find the connections to today. And when something or someone tickles his imagination, he creates a fanciful interpretation of life in Washington Square. A pandemic time capsule of 100 visits, spread over some months.

Experience Washington Square Park through his eyes and ears. And become inspired to make your own visits.