Capoeira Brasil NYC 2022

– June 29 2022

Capoeira Brasil NYC will kick off its 2022 Annual Graduation Ceremony at Washington Square Park on Wednesday June 29, 2022! Guests from all across the country and the world have been invited. Spectators will have an opportunity to watch capoeira-practictioners in action as they evade kicks and move to live music inside the “roda”. Joy San Agustin a.k.a “Coruja” began her Capoeira training with Grupo Capoeira Brasil. 

About CAPOEIRA BRASIL Capoeira Brasil, is dedicated to disseminating the rich culture and tradition of Capoeira. They practice a variation of Capoeira titled Capoeira Regional Contemporânea. Their style, derived from the movements and sequences defined by Mestre Bimba, reflect the evolutions and influences of the Mestres of Capoeira Brasil. They strive to maintain the integrity of the art, as well as support its evolution.

June 29
4pm – 9pm
Garibaldi Plaza