Winter Tree Identification Walk

– December 10 2016

parkhouse-dec2014Winter Tree Identification Walk

Washington Square Park has dozens of different trees, including such well-known species as elms, maples, oaks and cherries and some more uncommon ones, including birch and katsura. During the growing season, the most common way to identify a tree’s species is to examine its leaves, flowers, and fruit, but identification in the winter often requires a keener eye. Join Washington Square Park gardener Kaslin Daniels for a winter tree identification walk, where you’ll learn to look for clues to a tree’s species by its bark, twigs, and growth habit.

This program is presented by Washington Square Park Eco Projects and the Washington Square Park Conservancy.

Saturday, December 10
The walk begins at 10:00 AM – the program will last about an hour and a half
Meet in the Northwest Corner
Free, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged to secure your spot.
RSVP by email.