16mm Film Screening and Lecture: A Trip to the Moon and the History of Illusion

– June 24 2024

Come join us this Monday for a free 16mm film screening and lecture by educator, historian Denny Daniel and his traveling exhibition,The Museum of Interesting Things! 

For the first time in Washington Square Park, Denny will be screening 16mm films from his collection (including George Melies’ A Trip to the Moon!) as well as lecturing on the history of film.

Join Denny in Garibaldi Plaza on 6//24 at 8pm!

The History of Illusion – A Trip to the Moon, Georges Méliès film fest

Experience the wizard of special effects film Georges Méliès through Vintage 16mm films. Take a Trip to the Moon with Baron Munchausen and Conquer the Poles! You might even get to handle a Magic Lantern while you experience the evolution of Film, Photography and Animation and learn the History of Illusion. The Museum will provide an interactive display and discussion of original historic items from it’s vast collection, everything from Camera Obscuras to Magic Lanterns and more!

Audience members experience interactive demonstrations and the history of each item in between films.

“I Can See for Miles” The History of Illusion

The Film & Photography Show

Viewing the various methods of capturing a still and moving image throughout history from the camera, to the negative, to the movie camera, to the printing methods & options including Animation and 3D. Demonstrations are interactive and include box wooden cameras with up to 3 foot bellows, 3D photography from the late 1800’s up to today, Camera Obscuras, Magic Lanterns, zoetropes, albumen prints and tintypes, and glass negatives.